ALS Claims Lisa McPherson

NCS Family Mourns

By Stetson Marlin

BSW Contributor

Lisa McPherson, wife of former Nashville Christian basketball coach Mike McPherson, tragically passed away on Thursday, July 12 after her long battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease.  

She was diagnosed with ALS around September of 2016, and traveled for treatment throughout the United States, and even to Bangkok, Thailand. 

The NCS community including athletes from the boys and girls teams, joined in many efforts, like the Nashville Walk and the Ice Bucket Challenge, helping raise awareness of the awful disease. 

The NCS girls basketball team, as well as a good number of the faculty and the football team helped raise $2,200. 

Many former players expressed love for the McPherson family, as Mrs. Lisa was a huge part of different basketball teams for a number of years. 

Coach McPherson previously coached at Ezell Harding and Lipscomb before coming to Nashville Christian, so both Coach McPherson and Mrs. Lisa made an impact on many lives.

Mrs. Lisa would cook the team meals during the course of the week and would put a great show on at the end of the season with the team banquet.

Jacob Ogle, who played basketball throughout high school for Coach McPherson, said,”Mrs. Lisa was always there to support us as players and students,” he said.

“She would always show us she cared and would do anything we needed. She put everyone else before herself and was just as much as part of the team as anyone else,” he added.

Chandler White, who just graduated from NCS this past spring, said,”The very first time that I met Mrs. Lisa, she had brought us a delicious home-cooked meal before the game. The same game, she came into the locker room before our pep talk and gave us essential oils helping us with our performance.,” he said.

“To this day, I can easily say that Mrs. Lisa is one of, if not the most sweetest woman I have ever had the privilege to meet. She will be dearly missed,” he added.

It’s no doubt that Mrs. Lisa left an impact on many different people. She was a kind, loving, Christian woman, and that showed throughout the many years of being there for Coach McPherson and his teams. She will truly be missed by many.